Saturday, January 24, 2009

Regaining Your Rhythm and Confidence

We’ve all had times when we’ve found ourselves recovering from an illness or an injury, a form lapse, a drop in confidence, or perhaps even a depressive episode. It’s been perhaps a time of bewildering frustration. Nothing anyone could do could help us, it seemed.

We made a hundred resolutions that ‘tomorrow will be different,’ yet we saw and felt more of the same predictable, tired response. Rhythm-wise we were all over the place, and just not our true selves--at least not the ‘self’ we know we could be.

And as we look back to the past and forward to the future, we can never really tell when our lives might be again turned completely upside down.

For those who’ve truly been there, it’s an ever-present possibility. This would be to lose our life rhythm once again.

Looking back at these times from a sufficient distance we can often see what we’ve learnt; for the life of us, however, we couldn’t see it back in the midst of the situation itself.

This learning produces for us, wisdom; we’re benefactors of wisdom regarding our own personal lives and this feeds into our increased, more divergent capacity to rebound effectively in the future.

Being able to retain our rhythm could be one way of describing the exercise or process of wisdom, but being able to do it for most takes much learning and some gargantuan challenges on the way to that place. ‘Too old, too wise,’ indeed!

Real success in life is a long term proposition, whether it is regarding our relationships, our achievements or our general happiness.

Regaining our rhythm requires patience--a sort of patience imprinted in the quietness of humility.

It’s a case of going back to the foundation that we’ve always come to depend on, sticking to the basics, and doing that well enough day in, day out--one day following another.

From a stable base, we can begin to patiently build up our momentum toward peak performance. Weeks, months, years later we’re there--our rhythm’s returned!

What was that old shampoo advert again? ... ‘It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.’

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