Sunday, January 18, 2009

It’s Your Life, and YOUR Learning Ground: Enjoy It

Many people get upset with life; in fact, we all do from time to time. Things not working out, states of depression, regrettable things said and done, and things taking forever to progress when we want them our way, finished, and done with--we can’t “fix” our lives when we most want to.

If we don’t relate to this description above, don’t dismiss the possibility of it occurring. From my experience it can happen when we least expect it. People simply don’t often see ‘bad’ things coming. We should, but we don’t.

The ugly truth of life is we get a unique journey in life, each one of us. Psalm 139 talks about the fact that well before we were born, God knew us. He created us, knitting us together in our mother’s womb. It says he knows us back to front, and there is no escaping God.

The bad things that happen to us and character-growth opportunities we get are part of the ‘learning ground’ experience that is our life.

We shouldn’t resent our learning grounds even though they’re occasionally painful and uncomfortable (even unbearable); our lives are ours. Our lives have been specifically and specially designed for us in helping us grow and mature, so we can attain a close value of our potential as human beings.

Perhaps to conclude, we need to consider the 23rd verse of Psalm 139: “Search me, God, and know my heart, test me and know my anxious thoughts.” (TNIV) This way we can ask God’s help in the midst of our trials of learning.

He can help us when we alone cannot.

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