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100 Best Songs of All Time

In a list dominated by Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Presley, and the Beatles, there are some classics that feature other popular artists. It’s the chance to reminisce--back to a time when a particular classic made us stop and truly listen, absorbing our senses and emotions cathartically, solemnly or otherwise.

The following thirteen (13) songs are highlighted out of a recent top 100 and are either personal favourites or noteworthy (from my personal viewpoint).

100. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Bono/Clayton/Edge/Mullen) - U2, 1987.
This song is a gospel song for sure and certain. No top 100 list could be complete without an offering from U2!

97. Bittersweet Symphony (Ashcroft/Jagger/Richards) - the Verve, 1997.
This song can warp the senses like no other.

90. Ray Of Light (Madonna/Orbit/Muldoon/Curtis/Leach) - Madonna, 1998.
A little like the U2 example, music hall’s of fame would not be quite complete without Madonna. Ray of Light was used in so many advertising campaigns it’s not funny.

68. To Her Door (Kelly) - Paul Kelly, 1987.
This is a ballad from the depths, and a song of victory for any guy who’s won back his girl!

67. Back On The Chain Gang (Hynde) - The Pretenders, 1982.
Like To Her Door, this one’s a come-from-behind type of song that resonates with anyone who’s struggled with adversity.

55. It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And If Feel Fine) (Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe) - R.E.M., 1987.
With fast lyrics and a hard rock rhythm and beat this song goes to the ‘end of the world,’ ushering in thoughts of, ‘What would the end of the world look like?’

49. All Along The Watchtower (Dylan) - Jimi Hendrix, 1968.
This song gets a mention because Dylan wrote it; Bob Dylan’s feature numerously in this list.

43. Power And The Passion (Hirst/Moginie/Garrett) - Midnight Oil, 1983.
Good old Aussie pride. Midnight Oil raised the conscious awareness and conscience of many in the world, and provoked many an ethical issue in the 1980s and 1990s.

36. You Should Be Dancing (Gibb/Gibb/Gibb) - Bee Gees, 1976.
The Bee Gees are simply classic in any musical context.

21. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (John/Taupin) - Elton John, 1973.
Again, Elton too deserves at least as much a mention as Madonna.

14. Respect (Redding) - Aretha Franklin, 1967.
A legend in her own right is Aretha Franklin.

10. Hurricane (Dylan) - Bob Dylan, 1976.
The motion picture The Hurricane, with Rubin “Hurricane” Carter played by Denzel Washington, showcased a devastating story of a harsh, callous, unjust imprisonment. "He coulda been the champion of the world" indeed.

As with Midnight Oil’s work, injustices should be highlighted through the arts and music so the whole world can learn.

7. Eleanor Rigby (Lennon/McCartney) - The Beatles, 1966.
This is not my favourite song by probably the best band ever, but absolutely no music top 100 would be anything close to complete without the Beatles featuring prominently.
I must say though, of the best songs "of all time," where does that leave the rest of history; are we just a little 20th Century-centric here?

What songs make your top 100?

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