Friday, January 16, 2009

It’s No Good Hating the Laws...

… They won’t change you know. What I refer to here are the laws of life in this physical world like friction, gravity and static electricity… time, space and physical limits.

The laws of life often frustrate us. We get annoyed by the slow driver in the right-hand lane or the longer time it seems to take for the water to dispense from the office cooler when we’re rushed, but the fact is, the world will be as it’s been pre-ordained whether we like it or not.

We’d love to get in front of ‘that’ person in front of us, but the fact is there’ll always be someone in front of us, no matter how many people we pass or supersede. Or if we eat too much, and we get down because we get indigestion or have that bloated feeling; it will happen again if we eat too much, or too much of the wrong thing.

There is no end to the matters of our potential frustration. If we let it occur it will occur.

Our choice is for either frustration (at our own selfish, illogical and childish goals) or Shalom; a peace and harmony with the world as it is, on its (the world’s) terms.

We see both examples of this in the people we meet and the people we know. Some have an awkwardness about them, whilst some others breeze through life; this is nothing to do with fate. Anyone can be like the latter person.

We must accept physics, chemistry and biology etc for what they are. Creation has been designed by laws which cannot be broken.

Are we at peace with these physical laws of creation? There’s certainly no sense in not being at peace with them.

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