Sunday, March 15, 2009

Three Key Steps to 4,500 Years of Wisdom

There was once a survey taken of fifty ninety-year-olds in an attempt to learn lessons from their lives before they inevitably died. Here are the three key things they as a group said they regretted.

They wished they had:

1. Taken more time in life to reflect...

We can directly relate with this because we too take too little time to reflect. I wonder if we can learn from these who found out too late to do anything about it.

Is the compromise of busyness really worth it? We must attain balance in life and take time occasionally to look back and learn, resisting the inbuilt urge to forever strive forward into the same old tired mistakes and no real time for our important relationships.

2. Taken more risks... [this does not mean taking safety and health risks!]

Again, we play it safe; perhaps too safe. We dare not risk because we might fall and this could not only be embarrassing but it could also prove fatal both in the figurative and literal senses.

We implicitly know that risks might afford us more abundant life, but there is so much to consider isn’t there? But, we recall that boldness has genius and magic about it. It is more often blessed when it’s calculated.

3. Done more that might live on beyond their lives; to have left a legacy beyond their years on earth...

When we consider historically significant figures such as Albert Einstein or Leonardo da Vinci, we release a yearning within us to be remembered long after we’ve perished.

We all want to have lived a life that mattered, that held some form of lasting significance. The time is now to start building that legacy. Indeed, we already have been.

Entwining the above three cords into a rope of living wisdom...

Knowing one ninety year old and being able to tap into their wisdom is one thing; this study speaks to us because we ourselves feel it already, don’t we?

There is still time to tweak the show so the performance that is our life endures and touches and envelopes, in love and hope and faith. It’s not too late to make a big difference!

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