Sunday, March 22, 2009

Accepting the Demands Time Places on Us

I love a good challenge like the rest of us, but sometimes life gets a bit big on me, and mainly regarding my time, or lack thereof--to do the things I feel I’m called to do--and there lies a challenge to staunchly stand in the face of time and either resist it or run with it, in faith. What do we do?

This time challenge impacts and affects every single one of us. There’s so much good we could do and so little time to do it all in. We have choices, and we must choose; nothing’s obligatory, though when we think about it, some choices lead inevitably to others.

Like when we start a particular career and that career has quite unique hours of work, like that of a baker or a chef. We can’t train in these and then decide we only want to work in the afternoons. It doesn’t work that way.

Life, therefore, must have a component of design about it. We must become geared to design our lives, fashioning them to the call placed on our heart; and as we hear a demand or a pull in a certain direction we then need to place emphasis on certain components or periods of time to enable this new venture to commence and afford it growth.

Time is finite as we all implicitly know. It’s the great equaliser; everyone has the same 24-hour day and no one gets more. Allowing new things to start from scratch means we must have discretionary time at our disposal. ‘No scope for extras’ does not compute.

We can only get more adept at planning our time and using it effectively by stopping doing things that are a waste, and starting to do things that bring life, to ourselves and others.

It takes discipline and insight to be aware of this, identifying the hazards to our time, and courage to make the tough decision to change while there is still time to act. After all, life is not a dress rehearsal. It’s played in real time.

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