Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reflections on “Signs” by Michael W. Smith

There are songs that make all the difference in life aren’t there. These songs that transform us and bring us to a new reality of ourselves are significant touchstones. The song, Signs, by Michael W. Smith did this for me back in early 2004--every time I listen to it takes me right back there to 2004, with very cathartic memories--even though that time was excruciating for me and my family then.

The lyrics below take a pretty forlorn situation of regret, hopelessness and burdens and inject an indelible sense of mysterious hope.

The first verse is one of looking back. The chorus however is seeking to open our heart to the real reality, not what we currently see in our dejectedness.

Signs – Michael W. Smith

You’re weighed down with regret
You can’t see the road ahead
Or the burden on your back
It seems the trek will never end
The winding paths that still descend
And up above a sky washed black
You just can’t bear to look at that
Follow the signs
Open your eyes
Read between the lines of what you see
Look into the soul of reality
Open your mind
Look at the signs
Never look back at yesterday
Keep your gaze steady on the narrow way
Now you’ve found the sacred tree
You kneel upon the broken wheat
You watch your burden fall away
And all the things that you once sought
Now are counted less than lost
For now you see the light of day
The signs were pointing all the way

The second verse is seeing things from the new ‘redeemed’ reality, post-Christ. The sacred tree is the cross of Christ; our sins (past, present and future) are taken care of in full. In the cognisance of message of Christ we see the present burden fall away (Matthew 11:28-30; Romans 7:24-8:4f). The power of the worldly possession is now nothing in comparison to what we always had--a way back to God in Jesus Christ.

And the key is this. This message of salvation awaits all people at all times, even if we’ve slidden back, and no matter how many times we have.
We do need to just simply ‘keep our gaze steady on the narrow way’ in our distresses--the way of the risen Lord Jesus, who is the Bread of Life and the Light of the World.

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