Saturday, March 14, 2009

Embracing the Chaos that IS Life

When life becomes all a flurry and we get so much on and especially when there’s a whole lot of incongruence, including relationship misfires, we’re naturally adept at wanting to escape from it all. It’s quite a normal cause-and-effect process. In the moments of panic that ensue we seem to lose total sight of what is really happening--our emotional state blurs over, numbing us, and the effect is invariably negative.

Yet, as Jesus did when he both clung to and hung on his cross, saying ‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,’[1] we can actually run opposite to the chaos within our own lives, and redeem the moment from the clutches of ruin and hopelessness.

We have to realise the facts of the situation, devoid of the blurring emotion. Some of these are:

The chaos is fleeting…

How do we run counter to this propensity to escape? One thing we can do is to remember it’s fleeting. Order will return soon. Hopelessness only sets in when we realise, to our internal chagrin, there’s no end in sight. If there is no end in sight we need to take courage to change our circumstances--we can; it’s our life.

We can endure it…

Another thing we can do is just endure it the best we can. Again, hope (for a future state of wellbeing) plays an important part.

We can be agile…

Finally, if we develop the art of being agile, we can avoid or skilfully manoeuvre around most chaotic situations as they arise.

This is agility, endurance and understanding in the midst of profuse confusion and a still head to leap from one Lilly pad to another, to stay dry from the chaotic swamp of life.

Jesus is the finest example of running counter to resistance; he shows the way in helping us be of good cheer as we stand joyfully and courageously in the midst of anxiety.

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[1] See Luke 23:34.

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