Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Where is God when I need Him?

PRESENCE is such a pregnant concept. You meet a person who sees right down into you, but you’re not in any way threatened, but relieved, because they see you; they understand you without you even asking; they accept you for who you are. This person has presence.
God, too, has Presence — but it is completely different to the presence another human being has with us, or what we have with another human being.
It is understandable to confuse the two, but God is no human being. God’s present is personal but in so many ways profoundly universal, evident in the flow of life wherever we go and wherever we are.
God speaks powerfully through circumstances. God has the special penchant for doing things that are crazily connected. In ways that could only be God and His Presence in our lives.
Yet, just like a person of divine presence compels us to feel met, like we’ve had a divine encounter, God’s Presence too is the guarantor of faith. He makes it so we can no longer sustain disbelief. Simply put, He proves Himself! Beyond any doubt. In fact, we find we have now transcended doubt in this area of our lives.
But perhaps you want to believe God is, that He is present, that He cares, that He loves you, but you do not sense Him? Are you connecting the dots? Are you seeing Him at work in your life? Those dots are being connected. He is working in your life. He always is.
The problem we have with God is we need Him on the back of not having related with Him. But we can only relate with God through need; if we don’t need God we don’t relate with Him. We need to need God more than we need anything else. And only through extreme hardship are we granted access to such a path.

God’s felt Presence comes as a compensation for the hardship we experience. We may think we need Him, but do we really need Him as we should? Are we open to God, craving Him, in our pain.

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