Thursday, February 15, 2018

Seeing that this test is no pest

MODES of frustration in life are merely the defeat of our disposition. We choose our disposition. But first, there is something you must know about tests.
They can be managed very effectively by imagining it’s us with God against the world; where the world is destined to learn the hard way. It’s not that the rest of the world is evil or anything. The rest of the world just doesn’t understand us as God understands us.
That’s an important distinction.
When we know that God is for us, never against us, we know He is for us in a war for understanding, respect, appreciation and acceptance.
The test before us cannot be seen as a pest when we imagine that it as the world’s ultimate compliment; he or she needs to be tested and knocked off balance. Not being knocked off balance says something to the watching on world. It also compels us to enjoy an unconquerable reality.
Times when I’ve been rejected in life have been the pinnacle moments for me, especially when I’ve not deserved such treatment. It’s like, ‘God, they’re against us! How foolish… don’t they know who they’re dealing with?’ It may sound arrogant. It isn’t. It’s the voice of resilience. Many people are despondent when they’re rejected. Don’t be despondent, get even, by refusing to be contorted by it.
Having belief in ourselves with God is the essence of faith, and the worse things get the more we see victory is just around the corner; whatever corner God chooses.
Tests are not pests. They’re moments where we snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat. That victory is not something far off. That victory is in the moment we know nothing is against us when God is for us. That is no cliché. Such a reality finds its fulfilment when we can say, ‘Just you wait, and see.’

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