Sunday, February 11, 2018

The heart searches for what it delights in

Photo by Johnny Brown on Unsplash

PRAYING for God to give us the desires of our hearts is redundant when we suppose that God already gives us what our hearts delight in.
If our hearts delight in evil, idolatry or wickedness, God will accede to our lifestyle, and we will reap the destiny we are seeking for and searching out. It won’t end well. Never does ultimately.
If our hearts delight in achievement and success, we will either attain it or God will allow us to be thwarted by frustration. Either way, achievement and success without God are thwarted in the end. Building without God is vanity (Psalm 127:1).
If we take delight in the hope of marriage, God doesn’t so much give us marriage, but an interest in it, sufficient that we are open to its possibilities. But too much delight in marriage takes us into idolatry.
If we take delight in God, our hearts agree, and we cannot stop searching God himself in all we do. And we see God searching us out in everything. We are taken on a journey of surrender and faith and learning as we lean in day by day. Such a delight doesn’t make our lives easier, but our lives have intrinsic meaning and are more purposeful. When we delight in God, we take delight in serving, and we find that in serving others we, ourselves, are set free.
Our hearts find what they search for. The heart searches and ultimately finds what it delights in. The only pure and rewarding delight is God. If you are miserable, ask your heart what it delights in.
The heart only finds peace in discoveries of truth and love and mercy and justice. And the like. Items of virtue, spiritual in nature. Yet if we allow our hearts to chase anything else our idolatry sees us bonded to a prison of our own making.
The heart delights in what it searches for, and the heart searches for what it delights in. Delight in what is worthy. Search for that which is fulfilling.

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