Sunday, February 18, 2018

A gentle landing when life is harsh

[God] himself has said: I will never abandon you; under no circumstances will I leave you to cope on your own. (Hebrews 13:5 USC)
Have you ever noticed how easy it seems to give up on life; to make that key decision of action to stop going on? I felt it yesterday several times, even amongst friends and loved ones; that loneliness of soul that had lost all sense of hope in the seconds before it.
What a forlorn experience. What a chastening way. To be in life, doing your thing, trying your best, only to be berated by the still small voice of meaninglessness. That there is no impact being made. In those moments, all is split asunder. Nothing holds. All basis for life vanishes. Life is hard, and we don’t know why. We face it for what it is, and no wonder we’re found inept of conscience.
But then I noticed something happen to me; to my thinking. A kind of resurrection occurred. Being that it was my undertaking that those present were there for, I found myself, almost beyond my own will, be lifted by a separate will — the will of God; a power of reckoning.
Suddenly my legs operated with purpose, and my arms moved with passion. My mind was restarted, my eyes selective, my ears hearing a new thing.
God was reminding me of something crucial to life. Never are we truly alone, though we might feel alone. Never does the Lord of all life abandon us, though we may feel abandoned. These tenets, of course, we who are Christian accept by faith. God has rectified us. We are in a right relationship with him who gives life and grants light.
What difference does this make? All the difference in the world. If our world can fall apart in an instant, we too can be raised again in that same instant. Having created us, God is a gentle landing amid what we find is a harsh life. Believe this and prosper. Failing to believe this is unconscionable.

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