Monday, January 1, 2018

When God spoke into existence my Heritage Seed

RECALLING an impromptu holiday period, we set off in the car for an eight-hour drive to spend a week with my wife’s parents in beautiful Esperance. My father-in-law was serving as the Baptist Church’s interim pastor.
When we left our house, I had no idea what I would receive on the visit.
It was a time in our lives when our young family really felt in the dark. I had lost my job, and reality was about to strike in a very dire way. Indeed, the next few months great challenging change was about to rain over us, which included me taking work I once thought I would never need to do again. It was a time when, as I look back, we had no idea what was going to hit us — even though we had been pushed to the brink during the previous months. This time in our lives was harder than losing Nathanael.
At the time my father-in-law was a mentor, someone I would spend time with wrestling spiritually.
One morning during our stay, as I was writing in a little office set-up they had prepared for me, he came in and gave me a piece of paper, deliberately not saying a word. My father-in-law loves a chat, but he has another mode when an instrument will do his talking for him.
The photo above is that piece of paper. As I read it I thought, what an amazing story. Imagine Bach succeeding from such brittle beginnings. As it is with me, it took a few moments to realise I was in the story. Then I knew why he gave it to me.
He gave me more than a piece of paper. It was more than a collection of words, a concept, a story. It was more than interesting and stimulating. The typed words on the paper was an instrument of God.
With this single sheet of paper, God’s Spirit unearthed in me a vision I think I’ve always had — an eternal purpose God placed long ago into my heart.
This rectangular oracle spoke a Heritage Seed. That Heritage Seed spoke into the existence of my consciousness that something lay ahead of ‘failure’; something of massive encouragement that meant that failure was always part of God’s plan.
What I learned in the receiving of my Heritage Seed is that such things are spoken from eternity into time to fill us with an all-sustaining purpose. I cannot go into details about my Heritage Seed here, but I can tell you that once God reveals it to you, it changes things. The Heritage Seed inhabits you.
Back in that moment of receiving this revelation from God, for my life, knowledge of the existence of my Heritage Seed, it wasn’t complete. I still had to take it; own it. That took a process of time, but it started by my claiming that instrument as an important stake in the ground.
A Heritage Seed is spoken from eternity into time in a way that we know is from God, related to our specific purpose on earth.
God is never more real to us than when He joins His purpose with ours.

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