Thursday, January 18, 2018

It’s not about now, it’s never been about now

Photo by Daria Tumanova on Unsplash

WONDERING with the psalmist, we add our how longs, and God issues the answer: “It’s not about now, it’s never been about now.”
Still, we struggle with how we’re to reconcile what is from what has been. Certain injustices, particular untruths propagated, and people seem not only to get away with it, but to prosper. Even as they have harmed us or those we care about or love.
No, they don’t.
“They won’t, and they don’t” says God.
All must pay. All matters will be reconciled. We’re empowered to make for reconciliation in this life. If we don’t, a great disempowerment is underway. The living and the breathing is for the purpose of loving. And yet we all fall far short. Thank God for the flower of repentance; the fruit of which preserves us eternally pure. The grace of humility is a light that shines eternally.
Matters left unresolved when we want them resolved. People not brought to justice and they appear to go from strength to strength.
No, they don’t.
“They won’t, and they don’t” says God.
It’s not about now, it’s never been about now. Now is but a test. Now is the place where people get the choice how they want to live, under heaven’s full view, where nothing is hidden and there are no secrets. Christians acting unchristianly. Not long now. All will be exposed in accord with the Judge’s perfect judgment.
We may require justice within a short period of time. God works in the decades. What we wished would happen next decade has become irrelevant. Then we find He has moved. It’s not about now, it’s never been about now.
The fullness of time is in the order of ten, thirty, fifty years, not today, nor tomorrow or next month.
We get stuck in the miry past, when God’s working in a brighter future. To embrace what’s coming we must let go of what’s been.
When we surrender our demands, and accept God’s eternal plan, God’s eternal purpose becomes our daily sustenance. We’re happy with this life’s injustice because eternal justice awaits.
We may watch things not change, and we may get frustrated and remain confused, or we may place our trust in Him, again, for the long term, because with that trust there is peace. And vindication is certainly coming for the penitent of heart.
For God to do His bit we must do ours.

The more we trust God’s eternal purpose, the less we worry about vindication of earthly justice.

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