Saturday, January 13, 2018

Rest our souls crave and deserve

I don’t use the word ‘deserve’ lightly, but, in the context of the rest, our souls we’re designed to find rest in this life, not just in the next.
But what is rest? It isn’t a lot of things. It isn’t laziness, for indeed, the soul rests content having worked out of rest.
No soul ‘deserves’ rest as a demand, but the need of a soul to rest is indisputable.
Each soul determines the shape of its own need, but each soul has a common need.
We go so long without rest that achieving it is more difficult than it should be.
Perhaps we have forgotten our need, let alone how to rest.
Maybe we were born in a time when rest is so foreign.
I phrase these as gentle possibilities, for that is the language our minds and hearts crave.
Simple one-liners so our minds can focus on a solitary concept at a time.
Here is a plea for what is possible:
Dear God of creation,
Lord of our rest,
You know that without it,
We cannot be at our best.
Gentle Presence of Spirit,
Our Lord on high,
Help us be honest,
So we do not deny.
Give composure to us each,
In accord with our being,
Give us Your capacity,
Lord of our seeing.
Gentle Presence of God,
Whether we allow or contend,
Continue being patient,
Even as we pretend.
Gentle yet persuasive God,
Persistent Voice of Reason,
Bring us each to a place,
Of surrender in this season.
Holy Spirit of truth,
Definer of peace,
Be now our promise,
Make space for release.
The fruit of our labour is something to savour, but, when all’s said and done, rest is best.
To give ourselves rest is to return to God that which can never be taken away.

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