Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Seek the path, Know the path, Walk the path

Notice anything unusual in this image?
BEING a disciple is as simple, and as complicated, as seeking the path, knowing the path, then walking the path. Simple, but complicated.
Once we’re trained in this practice we see its elegant simplicity, but we may need to traverse hell to get there. Often God needs to break us to rebuild us in a way that we would seek Him.
Seek the Path
This is what all disciples are to do, and it’s highly preferable if we have an innate craving for God — for the search. This is where problems with mental health and loneliness and the like are good news — conditions of dissatisfaction ought to compel us to search! It is no good feeling or being defeated all the time. All disciples should feel convicted of heart to search God and search their way through their day. If we’re in a dry time, it’s understandable we should want that craving for God to return.
Know the Path
There is always a right path to tread. Indeed there are usually several right paths we could take. Whatever path we discern that God is giving is the one to take. And the discerning is instinctual — to keep moving forward. It’s okay to make the wrong move, just keep moving and get back on track. Stay calm of attitude, remain grateful for God’s guiding voice. Keep the faith in blindness, because by blindness the boldest steps of faith are made.
Walk the Path
Once we know the path — the instinct for the very moment forward — that instinct then continues to propel us into action. We move without thought. No thought, just Spirit. Thought comes earlier.
Once we know the path to walk, we walk it without hesitation. It’s what disciples of Jesus are to do.
All in one swift movement, the faith life compels us to search and to seek, to know as in a spiritual knowledge that the soul knows, transcending the mind, and to walk it out in faith.
Three steps to authentic Christian faith: seek the right path, know the right path, walk the right path.

The image shown above was taken the day I wrote the article. It was the first packet of screws I picked up. It was full of pan-head screws with one odd countersunk screw. The relevance is this. I expected to find a packet like this, but only after I found it did I understand what I had anticipated. I don’t know why. It just is. It demonstrates a spiritual process is underway in me.

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