Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Fruit When Gratitude and Thankfulness Converge

The fruit of gratitude and thankfulness are joy, confidence and trust.  Before we unpack this, let’s look at the convergence of gratitude and thankfulness as they connect with joy, confidence and trust:
Gratitude exemplifies thankfulness,
Thankfulness enables joy,
Joy embraces confidence,
Confidence empowers trust,
Trust encourages gratitude.
Gratitude Exemplifies Thankfulness
These two have to be synonymous. They breed a great deal of virtue. Joy, confidence and trust follow. Joy to embrace the confidence we all lack from time to time. Confidence to do what we need to do but find at times is impossible. Trust to continue on in faith when we’re tempted to camp by disappointment and complaint.
Thankfulness Enables Joy
A thankful heart creates sparks of joy.  As privilege enables addiction, and hardship enables reflection, so thankfulness enables joy.  And once joy is propelled in the voluminousness of grateful thankfulness, it finds no rest until it emerges confident.
Joy Embraces Confidence
Joy sees confidence as a willing partner and decides to couple arms with it.  Joy views confidence as kin.  Out of confidence, joy is able to surpass tremulous doubting and go on in blissful, divine and anointed trust.  No looking back.
Confidence Empowers Trust
Trust is an outcome of a hope effused with confidence.  Trust doesn’t deny the hazards for action and inaction strewn everywhere, but decides risks are worthy of the confidence with which she is embodied.  Trust goes.  Trust is the action of faith.
Trust Encourages Gratitude
In going forth into the action or inaction of wisdom, trust is confident enough to be grateful, in advance, for the future things that are coming.  And that’s the being of gratitude.  Gratitude is a being thing.  It’s not a thinking thing, gratitude is a doing thing.
Thankfulness embodies joy, impels confidence and effuses trust, and joy, confidence and trust empower gratitude.

© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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