Wednesday, April 27, 2016

So, Brokenness Has Changed and Transformed You

EASILY wrought to tears for the affect life has had on your life, you’re easily and fondly reflective regarding what God has done in you, within hellishness itself.
Through pain you’ve come through it all.
Through vagrant hope a more viable and sustainable hope was found as you endured.
Through venturing blindly by faith, obediently meek, you’ve stood the test well.
Brokenness has changed and transformed you.  Brokenness was a necessary input to wholeness.
You cry some curiously bizarre ethereal tears these days; not tears of sorrow without meaning, but of meaning eclipsing the destructiveness of the sorrow, and of meaning that has made peace with that very sorrow that once broke you.
Yes, you’ve been touched by the Saviour Himself, and His Spirit has rested indelibly in you.  You’ve been changed and transformed and you could not go back to that old life — praise God!
Yes, you’ve been broken.  And how is it that God can draw from brokenness, transformation?  Oh, God is good, alright!  So, so good.
From brokenness the very seed of transformation germinated.  Through brokenness your new life rose up and flowered.
Hell has no power over the person who permits life break them in order that heaven would restore.
Heaven stooped down and scooped you up in your brokenness.  Heaven believed in you, and by your faith you believed in heaven.  And God with His angels brought you to a place where only through your brokenness could you be truly saved.
Oh brokenness, so beautiful,
A transformation to behold,
For the miracle of being raised in glory,
Brokenness is gold!
Broken by life,
Surrendered is the soul,
The end’s not in the strife,
As God makes the broken whole!
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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