Friday, April 1, 2016

Pulled INTO the Slipstream of God’s Purposes and Will for YOUR Life

FOLLOWING Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit’s leading and guidance, is our veritable aim, as believers in Him, who lived and taught life and love, died for us, and rose again defeating deathHoH.  He is with the Father, and He intercedes for us continually and eternally.
Following, however, in our post-Christendom world, is something of a passé metaphor.  It either seems that following is antiquated, or that it’s inappropriate when we consider that the whole world’s fallen in love with ‘leadership’ — being a follower is not many people’s cup of tea.
But imagine being pulled into the slipstream of God’s wake.
Imagine a following so sublime, so joyous, so liberating that it’s a following you never want again not to follow.
That’s getting into the slipstream of God’s purposes and will for your life.
Nobody else’s.  Yours!
This means that God will show you exactly how you’re to make the difference only you can.  And don’t fall for the thinking that only ‘some people make it’.  Those who find their purpose in the will of God ‘make it’.  And so relatively few actually do that.  Yours is the opportunity to reverse the trend of lazy, purposeless humanness.
Obviously if we’re in God’s wake, being pulled along in His will, our lives will be utterly surrendered, in faith: that His purposes are good, and that where He’s leading us will be perfectly satisfactory.
There’s no better hope, no more joyous a peace, than being in the slipstream of God’s wake, for the purposes of our lives, according to His will.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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