Thursday, April 14, 2016

Blessed are the Broken, For They Shall Be Restored

THERE is a gospel ethic that I and so many others write about all the time.  It runs like this: don’t be distressed if you find yourself broken… it’s not the end by any means, though it may be just the start of a beautiful beginning, when you surrender to God within healing community.
Regale with me…
Blessed are the broken who find, in community, care for their vulnerability, encouragement for their healing, and an outlet for their gifts.
Through care and encouragement, vulnerability is applauded and healing is embraced, so that the possibility of service blossoms outward of the revelation of a person’s gifting, which is central to their purpose.
And that’s when we come alive; when we find what God alone has gifted us for.  And we find through faith that He has a place for us, a season within the parameters to serve, a role with which to play, in the realisation of His Kingdom on this earth at this time.
Blessed are the broken.
In community.
Wherever we find care for our vulnerabilities, encouragement for our healing, and an outlet for our gifts, there we find restoration — a right royal purpose that drives us deeply into the meaning of life.
Only through brokenness is there restoration, for who restores the whole, and what is the purpose of restoring that which is already fine?  Only in whom those are found wanting is there cause for growth and improvement.
This is why finding ourselves in a state of brokenness is just the start of a beautiful beginning.
When we’re broken beyond measure, that’s when God works within us His treasure.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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