Sunday, April 10, 2016

Leading a Life of Repentance

FOLLOWING, and not leading, should be the first word in the above title.  And to follow Jesus Christ is the single worthiest activity under the sun.  Everything begins from there — from leading a life of repentance we find the best way of following the Messiah, Jesus.
Repentance is not a once-only activity — at conversion.
Repentance is an ongoing, continual attitude and action of humility and holy fear, where every spiritual conquest depends on our turning back to God.
Repentance is a commitment to momentary self-examination in the light of Scripture, and the discernment of the Holy Spirit, within relational contexts.  And we will only know what Jesus is actually saying about justice and compassion and the admonition of the powerbroker if we know him through our gospels.
Repentance is turning back from our worldly ways, each moment of each hour, every day, and doing what is humble, which is to live as if others are more important than we think we are.  It is to live honest, and remarkably different to the rest of the world.  Then do we stand firmly in the favour of God.
Repentance is taking ourselves to task because of what the Holy Spirit said, as He convicts our hearts.  It’s living with our sin right before our eyes, and it’s living with knowledge of our sins at the forefront of our consciences so we’ll be driven by dissatisfaction to change.  It’s being driven to grow without pressure, but with passion from God.  There is no judgment nor condemnation, but we want to turn back to God.
Repentance is to stop and to look and to listen to God, alone.  It is to stop.  It’s to look truly, each moment, into the heavens; to be God-cognisant.  It’s to hear God, and take heed.
Turning back to God is a means God uses to turn us forward into His purposes and plans.

© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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