Friday, June 22, 2012

What Do I Trust?

What am I entrusting to my mouth, my stomach, my lungs, my system? Why do I trust these things—is it taste, a sensation, or are they healthy? I can choose. These things I put into my body don’t force my hand. But with my mind, and my mind alone, one moment at a time, I control my hand.
What am I entrusting to my ears? There are physical and spiritual hazards that will threaten to dull and deafen my hearing. Do I subject myself to loud noises, unprotected? Am I preserving my sense of hearing? And, what am I hearing? What, and more appropriately who, is putting in a Royal command performance; influencing what I know and believe? Am I awake and attuned to the many voices in the world that seek to ravage, overwhelm or underwhelm my senses for passion and curiosity. Is the hearing of my conscience healthy? What am I telling myself?
What am I entrusting to my eyes? The eyes are the window to the soul in more ways than one. And when we let the darkness in through the window of our psyches, our souls’ light is dimmed. What do I allow myself the pleasure of? Am I captivated by sexualised images? Do I linger there? And what is running through my mind—what conversation takes place there—what feelings?
What am I entrusting to my mind? Do I understand that what goes through my mind impacts my thinking? How marvellous that God has made us in ways to absorb what we expose ourselves to. But when these things can damage us we are to be cautioned. What am I reading and listening to? Are these things healthy for me? Are they taking me in the right direction?
What am I entrusting to my heart? Am I routinely checking the status of my feelings, honestly? Or, like the foods I put in my mouth, those which make me unhealthy, am I allowing bad feeling to reside within, without thinking my way through them? Am I keeping my emotional world intact? Am I being honest and truthful? And, I can know that my heart is deep, because hearts are. The less wisely I manage my life, the more impact there will be in my felt world. My heart is susceptible. So, what am I entrusting myself to?
What do I trust in this often scary world?
And why do I assume horrors won’t be hurled?
For what I allow in will certainly decree,
Exactly what I am coming now to be.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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