Friday, June 22, 2012

God’s Vessel for Truth

“... those who do what is true come to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that their deeds have been done in God.”
~John 3:21 (NRSV)
Nurturing a faith in God is simply making ourselves available to truth—such that we may seek, hear, see, taste, touch, and smell truth; that we wouldn’t run or hide from it; that it would find, in us, a living space, a vessel, with which to reside.
As Christians we are vessels for truth.
And when we are vessels for truth we come to the light, and it is clear to others for whom our deeds have been done.
We are simply to present ourselves as available, to God, for God, and for the glory of God.
The Importance Of Surrender
Being truly available means being surrendered to the point that any truth is able to shake us; to stir us toward its bolder claim. In this way truth is irrepressible. It commands our allegiance. It awakens us from any slumber.
But much of the time in this life, we are compelled by our battling flesh and the trappings of the world, and we choose to remove our availability to be influenced so strictly by the truth. We may bear disobedience as a habit, certainly in habitual ways.
Instead we are exhorted to a process involving two things.
First, we must search for, look for, and listen for, truth. We allow the Holy Spirit to intrigue our senses so we may pick up the gentle wisps of truth as they blow wistfully through the meadows of our consciences.
Second, we can develop the brash decisiveness to act on what we find, see, and hear. This is nothing ill-considered. It is the preparedness to act in accord with the revealed truth. And God is revealing truths to us all time.
It is up to us as to whether we are able to discern it and whether we are truly available to God in putting it into place. We are to make a place for truth in our lives—we are called to give it first place, right there with God.
Being a vessel for truth is contingent on surrender. We are the body, the bones and the muscles, the mind, heart and soul, and we are usable if we are ready to commit. God wants to use us, just as God wants to bless us in his use of us.
One of the most important functions of being a Christian is being a vessel for truth. We are to make ourselves available to truth—to all truth. And truth is to find, within us, a place to reside. We are vessels of God.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.
Graphic Credit: Loot du Joor.

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