Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Faith Enough to Live

At the sign of a withered fig tree that had been cursed, Jesus reminded his disciples:
“Have faith in God.”
 ~Mark 11:22 (NRSV)
We often don’t commend ourselves enough for living this truth: we, by our faith to live, accepting the moments as they come in their uncertainty, obey God. By having faith to trust, we have faith in God.
By living a simple faith, by living as simply and as obediently as we can, we resist many common curses. And it’s not as if these curses are especially spiritual. They abide more so in the natural laws of life. They are natural justice.
On the positive side of the ledger, pleasing God, which is an affirmative thing, is as easy as presenting ourselves upon life. Turning up is the hardest part. Taking part, and making a worthwhile contribution, however routine it is, is all that is required.
This is often hard enough. But it is enough.
Who Compels The Ambitious?
A simple faith will get us through, yet a more complicated faith will be our downfall.
Humility is the blessing of the wise. They take a humble approach upon advisement. Their adroit use of the skill of balance and the disposition of shalom means they keep matters as simple as their matters can be kept.
Sometimes things are complicated for a reason. We cannot simplify them. These issues usually find us frustrated and despairing. We overcomplicate the simple things, yet become overwhelmed in an instant by the intricate things. Our limits are easily exposed.
Yet, who compels us to be ambitious; to make more of what things are, or to lessen things more than they are? It is our desires for recognition and a hope for something better.
Desiring what we presently have; that’s the key.
Receiving God’s Commendation
Perhaps many of us don’t view faith this way. God commends a simple faith; a faith to live simply as life is provided. Maybe we can see that God is pleased more often with us than we think. There is contentment.
We must choose to see that. God is no arduous taskmaster. We have a friend in God, not a Father who cannot be pleased. And like a loving father, our Father makes it easy for us to please him; if we are to abide by our simple faith.
Faith enough to live is faith enough to survive and thrive in this world, before we leave it and enter our home in eternity. We please God by a simple obedience; a simple faith we are commended to.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.


abound said...

I am convinced that the Holy Spirit is convicting modern day, 21st century Christians of their unbelief and doubt as the return of Christ comes nearer. Every where online as I view christian posts it seems it is all about simple child like faith which is apparently missing in today's Christian society

S. J. Wickham said...

Interesting observation, Richard. I tend to think a simple faith is an eternal problem for humanity - that our brokenness reveals us as creatures over-complicating and over-simplifying things.