Friday, June 1, 2012

In God Alone

In God alone—I’m saved for good.
Never alone—know, I should.
In God alone—past is past.
Never alone—with God at last.
Only God can save me. Only God can save you. Only God can save us from our circumstances.
I am never alone. You are never alone. In any circumstance of existence nobody is ever alone. The Lord has promised to be with us, through the journey, and to never leave nor forsake us.
My past is past. So is yours. Nothing could be done about it, and nothing needs to be done about it. It’s between us and God. And God makes a way for reconciliation. His grace is unequivocal.
When these principles are understood—that we are saved for good, but we are never alone, and that our past is past—we come home to the understanding that we are with God at last.
Satisfied In God Alone
“Let all created things be, and take no heed to them. This is the work of the soul that most pleases God”
~Unknown (The Cloud of Unknowing)
When we understand the above facts we more readily oblige the opportunity communicated in the above quote. Where we can entertain the possibility of leaving the world behind, however fleetingly, we gain sight of the spiritual magnificence.
The less we need the world, the more we can know God and his Presence with us, and the more the world exists simply to bless us, without threat to our harm. We no longer insist on our way in the world. And where we subsist freely we have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.
The more we journey into this reality—the Spiritual Dimension—the more power for life we procure as ours; and, ours for others. Being satisfied in God alone is the way to the Fruit of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. We have these in full view for enjoyment within our imaginations. And we live them, more and more. They become more gradually our way.
And then we are invited back into those more basic facts: we know the only One that can save us, and we are saved; we are never alone, and, in this, comfort is drawn; our pasts are our pasts, and we no longer deny them. In God alone we are accepted.
In God alone we are accepted. Only God can save, and, if we wish, we can be saved. We are never alone; always God is there for us. Our pasts are our pasts; and still, God accepts us.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.
Graphic Credit: Soul Shepherding.

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