Sunday, May 20, 2012

Perspective to Win Each Day

It’s an up-and-down life we bear, each by our existence. Each day comes and each day goes and varying are our fortunes and misfortunes alike. And if there’s one thing we truly wish to do it’s to win each day. Each day is a contest of experience.
Each day we want to be our best; to be at our best, and to enjoy the best.
There is a way to ensure that our thinking is aligned to receive what’s best.
The ability to win each day is no science; rather, it’s an art form of constant conscious curious expression. Therefore, we can train ourselves in being open. We become open, even to the cloudiest of emotions and the scariest of thoughts. Winning each day is not drowning in fear. Winning each day is having the courage to just be.
Pensively Active By Our Thoughts
As an image in thinking, by curiosity we engage with our inner world even as we live from the waking moment. This is the receipt of experience combined with a sort of instant messaging service that takes place in our minds.
Receiving experience and enquiring into it, our curiosity burgeoning, we learn to accept what is. We judge less the experience, and open ourselves into the spiritual space usually unknown and mysterious in the human realm.
When we are pensively active by our thoughts, we engage in an active sense by what comes in, but we are pensive regarding how we react. In other words, we don’t react.
We learn to be pleasantly accepting of all our thoughts and experiences—as much as we can be.
As the subject of experience, we quickly learn, and, as we look over the day we just had, we assess it. Not all of them pass. Not all of them have been won. But this fact doesn’t defeat the idea of how to win each day.
Each day has its own beginning, and that beginning must commence with hope. If it doesn’t, our days tend to be unbearable, even if by bearing them we do so in a way that proves problematic for other people.
A day of utter defeat, as assessed at the end of the day’s proceedings, is not the end. It’s merely fuel for learning. Yesterday is fuel for learning.
How will tomorrow be different? How will we win that day? We see, here, the idea of winning each day is not winning every day. That would be totally unrealistic in this life.
This is the idea that each day can be won. It’s a possibility. Each day starts with that potential.
One day’s thoughts are enough for anyone. We can win one day by our thoughts, today. Even if today becomes a disaster, tomorrow holds fresh hope. But, today, by our curiosity over our fear, we can avert many wayward notions. Perspective wins the day.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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