Sunday, May 6, 2012

Broken, Yet Acquitted

The saved of soul,
Who recognise the hole,
To that which they may cling,
Are astoundingly saved,
Their salvation road’s paved,
As acquitted they can certainly sing.
The paradox of the saved is an enigma, especially for those grappling with God. How can one person be so broken and, yet, be at peace? How do two realities that seem so diametrically opposed hang in suspension as truths in one person’s life?
These two realities—of comprehensive brokenness, yet acquittal at the hand of Jesus—meld together in the life of the saved Christian.
They have both nothing and everything—their brokenness seems unusable, but it is what actually qualifies them to be of use. Their brokenness is not shameful but reason for celebration. God uses our worst to make us our best.
Qualities For Acquittal
The qualities of acquittal are paradoxical; secular humanity cannot understand it.
To be saved by Jesus, as a one-for-all-time event and in our very present moments (because we always need saving), we need to be aware of and accept our brokenness and surrender it before the throne of Jesus.
Where there is no brokenness there can be no salvation.
Where there is no identification as a sinner there is no need of salvation.
To beseech our Lord for acquittal has brokenness as its condition.
These are simple things, but they are incredibly complex to the heart foreign to the proximity of their brokenness. They cannot be understood without staring with honesty into the face of the soul. Only in honesty, recognising who we are from who we have been and who we are becoming, can we see our abject need of God.
Only With Brokenness Is Power
Upon this swings the whole power of the Christian witness. Only within the vestiges of brokenness is there the Spirit’s power. Only when we recognise our need of God do we usually also see others’ need of God. Only when we’re devoid of ourselves, of our pride and self-sufficiency, are we of true value through the power of God.
Brokenness is the beginning. It’s where the power of God exists.
An unashamed recognition of our brokenness, at truth, is seeing ourselves in the world as we should be seeing ourselves in the world. This is because we can only be unashamed knowing that God had, and has, a purpose in our brokenness.
In knowing these things is power; but a power so foreign to our world and to our flesh.
Brokenness is truly the beginning in knowing God. Only from brokenness is there acquittal—the forgiveness of sins. And the broken have won the secret to life. From brokenness is genuine power. It must be lived to be believed.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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