Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How God Changes Our World

“God is transfiguring the world right this very moment through us because God believes in us and because God loves us.”
~Desmond Tutu
We live in a strange world,
That doesn’t order to taste,
Our visions heaven-sent of change,
Because God doesn’t work in haste.
The changes God engineers,
Are smaller than we’d expect,
The spiritual imperative is patience,
That we are to erect.
There are sceptics who would cite there are no changes to the world that could be attributed to God, as the world continues to get darker and darker. And whilst, in some cases, it appears that the world is getting darker, in many, many cases the Light of the World, which is the love of Jesus, is shone in through the smallest and most effective sacrificial gifts. These occur all the time.
One At A Time – And All In Good Time
As in the seasons and phases known to change and growth, those we don’t ordinarily observe because they happen too slowly for our senses to perceive, God changes the world in slow ways, one at a time, and all in good time.
But many of these one-at-a-time activities are occurring simultaneously, and have done ever since creation’s first day.
Our observances of the change God can, and does, affect in the world depend on our sight of faith. If we will choose blindness, to ignore what can actually be seen, we will see nothing positive over the earth, or certainly nothing attributable to God.
Yet, God is changing things every day, every moment. God is achieving good through many of his servants who operate tirelessly but joyously in the privilege of service.
Servants of God are happy with their little roles. People with little roles make big differences in the overall scheme of change. They may seem insignificant, and may occasionally believe their contributions aren’t worthwhile, but God needs them as the world needs them.
How We Get On Board
Getting on board with God is a simple as an attitude change. To be able to see the enormous differences that can be made in little things is the blessing of spiritual sight. Spiritual sight sees past the quantitative and qualitative things. It doesn’t look for material evidence. It looks for evidence in love—the only currency of worth; the only eternal one.
We cannot rate spiritual things, only God can rate them. This is why we don’t know how valuable our contributions are in the Kingdom until we reach eternity.
Little things make large differences in God’s kingdom.
We get on board by just discerning God’s will for our moments. By doing things in simple obedience we’re led by God to change our world according to God’s will.
The more we can learn about our ailing world, the more we will appreciate the truth, and the more we will be open to hearing the Spirit regarding what we can do.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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