Saturday, July 25, 2009

“The Words I Would Say” – Sidewalk Prophets

What do you say to the person you care about from half a world away, when they’re hurting; when life’s a travesty in the making... when all hope seems gone? There are so many parents and brothers and sisters and friends in this situation every day... so what advice truly cuts it?

Well, the Sidewalk Prophets’ song, The Words I Would Say, reflects the whisper of the Spirit and the simple, reliable truths that so many have come to live by--after having survived such relational catastrophes.

Its lyrics are set at a kitchen table at 3 A.M. in the morning. A pen and a sheet of paper fill the space in front of you--couldn’t sleep due to a burdened heart and a solemn concern. The spiritual landscape is profound. There’s something that needs to be said, to match the prayers to God.

Have you ever had a moment like this when you knew you had to write an important letter with a precise, heartfelt message that would unquestionably make the point, giving that loved one the certain direction you felt you had to advocate for them?

You knew you were thinking like God. The fear’s not for ourselves and it’s beyond us--so completely out of reach; it necessitates faith, like it’s the only sensible option. With courage you take it.

For the person we’re reaching out to we want them to know our prayers are with them, obviously, and we hope beyond hope they’ll be sated somewhat by our heaven-bound thoughts. We seek hope for them; hope for a future where they’ll once again prosper and an enduring future hope will be known to them.

We want courage for them too; courage to forgive and forget, and not to live in fear but endure its momentary tension, seeing again the vision of purpose that keeps us all alive, breathing, and contributing another day.

Finally, taking our time and making time to pray and reflect and being gentle with ourselves, as per The Desiderata, especially during these darkest of seasons, is crucial to the cadence of peace every soul yearns for--most especially during the living nightmare of recovery from the broken relationship or loss.

Many of us have made it through this sort of patch, and we can testify, there is another day... a better, glorious day.

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