Monday, July 13, 2009

Only One Can Calm the Storm Inside Our Souls

Not that I’m that competitive but my God beats yours hands down! That is, of course, if you don’t call the one living God, your God. The truth is if you don’t worship one god you probably worship many. But my God is supreme. And this is not about me criticising you, but about proclaiming God.

You might say, ‘How can this guy be so one-eyed?’

My answer would be ‘I have to be.’

The Newsboys song In the Hands of God is a pulsating theological winner and helps explain my passion. It talks of our fragile dreams and our stumbled-over trials and how God props us up; he’s the only one who can ‘calm the storm inside our souls.’

Yet, the reality is we’d try anything else and go to the other side of the earth to achieve peace without God--and the truth is we’d be no closer to it. We’ve never achieved peace until we know God’s peace.

He’s the only one...

For all the guilt and shame that might weigh us down, for all the hurt that’s come our way, for all the personal straining to overcome and be acceptable--even to ourselves--we simply fail again and again. We can’t compensate enough for the brokenness inside. But God can help.

He’s the only one... to accept us when others don’t accept us, and even when we don’t accept ourselves. God’s grace permeates through every crack and sinew of our being.

But there’s something that beats us all. The thing that certainly comes i.e. death. And he’s still the only one! ‘Only One has overcome the gates of hell.’

God is ‘rest for the restless, hope for the sinner’ in us all. His hands are mighty to save and to deliver. We struggle, he relieves. We sin, and he forgives, cleansing us of our guilt and shame. He calms the inevitable storm inside our souls. We’re renewed.

For what his amazing hands have done, we praise him, and he fills us again with even more of his anointing for faith and things truly spiritual.

Copyright © 2009, S. J. Wickham. All Rights Reserved.

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