Friday, July 24, 2009

Beyonce’s “Halo” – Lost in the Grip of Love

She’s hard as nails and impenetrable… apparently… but, wait, she’s fallen for him, this guy with the halo, halo, halo. One of the best songs going around is Beyonce’s Halo. The rich vocal tones and tremendous range are delicious to the ear, and the lyrics speak equally deliciously of captivation to love, romance, and that sweet time of falling quite sincerely for the only heart on earth… or as it seems in that moment. We’ve all been there, I suspect.

This love takes her unaware it seems--she swore she’d never fall again. Well, so much for that. It’s an insignificant fact at best, and one that produces wonderment at the grace of the one with a halo. All her needs are met in the image of him; his looks are everything she wanted, and more!

One of the ultimate sentiments of the song is a fervent hope that this stage of all-consuming love won’t pass; anything but that. This awakened feeling she experiences brings excruciating life, like all of life beforehand was a numbed, wasted, humdrum existence.

Could this ballad be a gospel song about salvation?--about the alluring engagement of the Spirit in our being.

We’ve all had the walls of our ignorance and pride raised before God broke in and teared them down, immersing us in his perfect love and showing us his Spiritual truth. We saw the perfection of God, the halo, the holiness; all the consummate implicit virtue of the Most High.

For all the previous resistance we had to the things of God, there’s suddenly a plain docile, yet invigorated, acceptance of his wondrous and personal saving grace. How did we not possibly see it ahead of time?

Whether it’s a gospel song or not, it’s a brilliant work of musical art and a song we’ll sing to for years yet. Think about the words and music in the light of the Light of the World and hope to be swept off your feet!

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