Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Million Glimpses of Heaven

On a recent Saturday, any Saturday, any day for that matter, there was no shortage of things to do and see. I decided to dissect the minutes and cram them with joy. I went out of the house and drove the car. I did so with such skill--I know it helps with 25 years experience. Then I did a whole bunch of other things...

I spent quality time with my wife; just me and her. We played together and the fun we had embellished our hope. We walked and talked and ate our savoury muffins at the beach. We watched a group of twelve year old girl paddlers stow their boats and have lunch. They were enjoying life. The instructor looked content assembling his sub-assembled tuna sandwich.

Then we went and sat at a park for a while before we strolled to a market, but we stopped abruptly at a juggler’s show. The performer, Scott Chocolate, asked me to help him ‘on stage.’ (It must have been my exuberant clapping and willing interaction with him that got his attention.) So I performed with him. I became a juggling ape. Mr. Chocolate was great.

Later on, we walked some more and eventually arrived at the market. We browsed the floonies, Sri Lankan-made alphabetic jigsaw puzzles and sandalwood soaps. We then walked some more, enjoying the sunshine, and sat and sipped our Milo.

The day was cool but clear so I decided to ride home. I was in no particular hurry and so I chose a lazy gear and 85 minutes later I felt great. In between times I got to see and hear a lot that I would not have otherwise. The gentle ache in my muscles afterwards was a reminder that I’d worked them. I like this sensation.

Everywhere we look we gain glimpses of heaven. Equally so, if we seek them, there are a similar number of glimpses to be had of hell. Both can be seen. It’s our choice.

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