Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If Only Others Could Find What You’ve Found

This above was a statement read out on one of my favourite radio stations, a Christian radio station. I think their rationale is about being funded enough by donations that they might continue spreading the message of hope throughout Perth, Western Australia and beyond... even over the entire globe via the internet.

But, this statement is very personally relevant for we all have things we feel passionate about--and passionate enough to share. Whether it’s a passion for football, Holden cars, meat pies, or scrapbooking, or anything else, the eyes light up and the heart simply wants to express the joy of this pastime.

Personally, there is nothing I feel more passionate about than spirituality and matters of God. I find it amazing and awesome what God can do both throughout the known universe and in one small life. At both extremes he’s utterly attentive and doesn’t miss a beat.

And I often think, ‘If only others could find what I have now found.’ It’s true. I find all the indwelling wisdom and truth known to humankind in the personhood of God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit--for God is Spirit--always has been, is presently, and will be forever.

So, how does God fit into the context of a fun and meaningful life? Don’t we have to live a trite existence to truly believe in God? Not at all...

In many ways my life and my worldview has grown exponentially (and continues to) and certainly regarding my capacity for life, my relationships, energy levels, enthusiasm, openness and passion.

God has done so much for me, and he continues to. To believe in God, genuinely, is a thankful existence. Thankfulness promotes hope, love and faith--it’s the parent of all virtue.

It’s a thankfulness that I know that Jesus Christ came to live this life, just like me; but he suffered an ignoble and gruesome death, and I (like many others I know) don’t often enough make anywhere near that type of sacrifice. And not only that; Jesus, this man who was only later found commonly to be God, died, I believe, for my sins (and yours)--past, present and future.

The best thing is that I am no longer condemned for the wrongs I create in my own flesh. Not only do I recognise (for the most part) all the wrongs I’m into, my faith helps me make these wrongs right--as far as it depends on me. So, I rarely experience much guilt or shame, and any guilt or shame I do experience is despatched promptly as I actively deal with it.

Finally, I have learned to love and desire truth. I can live courageously and even forego my own rights most of the time, and do it cheerfully, for I know that God provides. And what I don’t get I don’t want.

I could go on and on and on... Jesus fills my life like nothing else or no one else can! He is purpose for living, pure and simple.

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