Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Reality is Not Your Reality

There’s never been a truer word, though there are plenty as truthful. We naturally seek evidence in life that backs our worldview and our biases will never really cater for the person who has a polar opposite worldview. More is the pity.

Take it further, and we all know people who see the world as either an unjust place or a just place. There are probably equal numbers of people in both camps. The truth, of course, is both are right. The world is at times just and at other times it’s unjust. And even in those times anyone can see the unjustness in the just time and vice versa.

Both views of the world are visible. Just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean it’s not there for the next person. How incredible it is that we can all see so differently in the first place!

So, what’s the better worldview? A just, fair world of opportunity or a world that’s loaded with despair and basically unfair and unjust? You tell me.

I know if I have my choice what I choose. It is to see the world as it is--in that moment. I would like to be able to, “Rejoice with those who rejoice; [and] mourn with those who mourn.” (Romans 12:15 TNIV)

The trouble is we don’t see things that rationally most of the time; but we can if we choose to. But, to do it requires a commitment to see and live in truth to the banishment of negative emotions that sway the heart inordinately.

There’s another truth. There’s nothing quite like an even, fair-minded worldview.

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servus said...

Some excellent articles lately Steve, but this one was very "po-mo"

S.J. Wickham said...

I had to look "po-mo" up. Praise God for Wikipedia. Yes, I guess it was post-modern in outlook, but is it the truth?... and another po-mo view, possibly only...

Thanks for your comments; I reflect on these as part of my learning. They're an influence.