Thursday, June 25, 2009

Believe in Yourself!

Most of us live in a cocoon of fear. If it’s not one thing we’re afraid of it’s another. What with financial stresses, employment uncertainties, relationships at work, problems with children, their schools etc it’s one merry-go-round of anxiety after another. We could be forgiven for thinking this is the only way.

Fortunately it isn’t the only way. There’s an infinitely better way and it’s all about faith; a faith even more simplistic than a faith in God perhaps (as so many baulk at God--though in my experience, the God-concept is pretty simple).

This is as simple as making the choice to see the virtue within you and setting out to replicate it and build on it. Virtue contributes to faith and faith brings a zest for living. Part of this is deliberately choosing to see others positive views of you. See their views of you as positive. It will help your self-esteem.

And the result, over time, is an increasing and welling up of positive confidence that will set you up for future success and so on and so on. It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy. But, it will only work if you’re growing genuinely in virtue i.e. being more thankful, positive, kind etc.

It’s often said that if we don’t believe in ourselves, who will (apart from a handful of close others)?

It’s strange how believing in yourself and not condemning yourself can be so powerful. Suddenly, without the chains and shackles of despair and rejection holding us down, we’re able to soar like eagles--and be the way we were always meant to be.

Give yourself another second chance. Believe in yourself: your abilities, your ideas, your resilience to get through your tough situation right now, and finally, your character.

Life was never meant to beat us down. No matter what is against you, you can prove the greatest inspiration, even to yourself.

Stay positive and build on it.

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