Sunday, May 31, 2015

Be To Your Life, a Blessing, Today, and All Days

PANFLUTES have always dredged up emotion from within me; a spoil of my heart’s movement, and often tears, that are not quite sadness and not quite joy.
They are tears of an eternity’s longing — not to long for eternity, per se.
But touching eternity is an experience that any human being will welcome if they value their truth. There are some topics with which only God can converse upon. Some topics are well out of the reach of human ingenuity. Topics that liven the emotions, for instance.
As I listen to instrumental hymns this day, I’m accorded God’s sanctity, and it wells up from within me, the state of having been touched — deeper than cognitively, deeper than emotionally, yet nourishment for my soul.
The Holy Spirit has visited when we are brought before heaven’s holy seat, even in the midst of the flurry of life.
Coming into the realm of God, even as we prevail over the earth, we are reminded we are never alone. No matter what kingdom we have set up that is apart from God, our Lord is still there — be to your life, a blessing, today, and all days; in Jesus’ name.
Whatever radiates from within your renewed heart, may it be a blessing to you, to God, to others, today.
May you go out in joy as you come home in joy — despite all the frustrating things that torment you. Allow those vexations be. They are no harm if we let them be. And unless they concern others why should they concern us. May we be able to absorb the stresses and shoddy mediations of the world, for the Holy Spirit makes us capable for this and much, much more.
May it be to you that you are blessed this very day; this most prized of afternoons; this most eternal of nights.
Whatever you may think of, may it be the blessed of all thoughts; stirrings of the mind that resonate within and come forth in all goodness without.
May you, in your soul and being, come to know all of what God has for you; at this time and ever.
May you gain a reprieve from the haunting nature of an issue of life, right now, or just in time. May your faithfulness in this matter be to you your blessing.
May you know the gentle and calming hand of the Lord on your shoulder.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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