Friday, May 22, 2015

Holy Spirit’s Inspired Daily Reminders

DAILY life in the Christian milieu is, at times, a fight — for the spiritual consistency of application that church sometimes implies is easy. Even though we are exhorted to “Consider it pure joy when we face trials of many different kinds” (James 1:2-4) we do verily struggle to submit to God so freely and willingly. So there is a place for a Holy Spirit infused reminder:
Daily I remind myself to be patient,
Though it doesn’t always work.
But daily I choose to be patient, especially on frustrating days.
Daily I remind myself to slow down,
And some days are more successful than others.
But daily I make myself slow right down; my speech, my pace, my schedule.
Daily I’m reminded to resist frustration,
By dealing truthfully with my goals,
And I’m occasionally frustrated despite these reminders.
But I then insist on dealing honesty with frustration by talking it through.
I remind myself weekly that,
I’m on the path of God’s purpose for my life,
And I just as regularly doubt that completely.
But I remind myself that my life is now at God’s entire disposal. His path for me is inevitably working out exactly as he planned it to be.
Weekly is the reminder to act graciously in the lives of others,
And I know I fall short just as regularly.
But I have the reparation of making things healthy again; I can say sorry, prove I understand what went wrong, fix the issue if that’s possible, commit to not doing it again, and I seek forgiveness.
Irregularly I need to be reminded of God’s covenant protection,
Because I wither in fear and discouragement at times — mostly, for me, the latter.
I remind myself that God helps me overcome fear and he provides timely encouragement, too.
Irregularly I need to be reminded of God’s eternal goodness,
Because there are occasional doubts.
I remind myself that God is a good and eternal God and that eternity is my reward for a faithful life — as faithful as I can give — and not to doubt.
Reminders are good, because they bring us back into the sweet spot of Christly allegiance.
The disciple’s walk is never an altogether easy one, nor is the walk of a nonbeliever. Life is a challenge in anyone’s terms. To make discipleship possible we must allow the Holy Spirit to remind us, to trust, to rely, to be patient, to slow down, to stop doubting, and to trust the sovereignty of God in and for our lives.
Holy Spirit,
Remind me,
Of God’s goodness.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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