Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Need to Repent of Our Hurt

We are forgiven for being hurt, and the fact is we will all be transgressed. We will all find ourselves on the receiving end of injustice, a lack of consideration and respect, a burning of our trust, and just rampant betrayal.
We will all be hurt.
We will also hurt. We cannot always see the way ahead or the consequences for our actions. Hurt people hurt people and unless we do something to reverse the flow of our anger we will damage people and those same people will then seek to damage us in return.
Even our attempts to heal situations are damaged because we are still hurt. We are not containing our anger, even though we think we are. If we are honest, we will see the need to repent and enter more prayerfully with good, wise advisors.
God reminds me, every now and then, and more regularly than my pride likes to admit it, that I’m easy to hurt. Most of the time I can absorb the hurts that come my way. Mostly I can deal with the hurts of the people I counsel. But sometimes it gets on top of me and I usually find that still, small voice of God counselling me through others. I am a madman if I don’t listen.
We need to listen to our hearts as God reminds us by his Spirit that we are hurt.
Hurt people hurt people and there can be no exception to it. Until we become aware of our hurts and do something to relieve them, we will transfer our hurt onto unsuspecting others.
If we insist on not doing anything with our hurts, by refusing to be honest about our weakness, then we will be the ones to fall, not the one we are seeking revenge over. God never sides with the angry, even if the anger is for good reason. God will not have any of us taking the law into our own hands.
We must repent of our hurt. We need to take it to God and receive his grace by being honest of our need. We have anger in our hearts and it will ruin us if love doesn’t replace it.  
Anger will finish us if we don’t resolve it by repenting of it before God. Hurt people hurt people and hurt can never help anyone. Hurt can only destroy relationships. When we are hurt, God implores us, “Repent!”
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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