Friday, September 12, 2014

Spending Precious Moments With Our Unborn

Movement.  Precious movement,
Over the surface of her skin,
Over the covering on her belly,
The distance between us is ever so thin.
Minutes. Precious minutes,
To experience your life within,
To know you within your mother,
To know you as our kin.
Passing. Precious passing,
Who out of this will win?
Who will know God instantly?
It’s you our hope before God is in.
Spending the precious days, hours and minutes of the present time with our unborn is of paramount importance to us. We will not grieve our loss yet. We wish to enjoy motion and movement while we can.
As the baby kicks and dances we are reminded of the safety of the womb. We are also reminded that life in the womb is a mere caricature of life outside the womb – we only get so long in either environment.
Our baby is ours and we are his/her parents. Our baby has four siblings. He/she has a golden place in all our hearts – even if that is imputed at present in our youngest.
As we consider the landscape of our time together – the weeks becoming days, becoming hours and minutes, and ultimately, seconds – we recognise that eternity fills the very second as we prevail over the present for such a time as this.
While it is To-day, we will endeavour to relate with this child of ours who we are yet really to meet; but we must meet now by feeling and nuance, for meeting outside the womb is a veritable impossibility.
We are given this time, to ponder and reflect over what a life means to us, to others, to God. All our time will slip into the ether the moment the birth takes place, as we struggle with the moments of our dear life slipping gracefully from our desperate grasp.
We have the time and we have the moment.
Once that time is gone, a quick goodbye, then a wailing grief, and then a send-off as we would send off a ninety-year-old who’s been blessed with long life.
We have time now, and only now.
We make the most of it now or we forever hold our piece. We cannot be distracted from our present mission – that would betray God of our opportunity of his blessed communion with our unborn soul. We cannot be consumed by other worries. We have woken up to this perhaps just in time.
Bid us a good time as we endeavour to know our baby while we can.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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