Saturday, September 20, 2014

Experiencing and Overcoming Despondency

Despondency is a normal state in life,
We all experience dejection at some stage,
When doors of mood open to strife,
There is the certain outcome of rage.
Then comes awareness of our Lord,
To fix our eyes above the despair,
An extravagance of spirituality we can afford,
To know Jesus and his care.
Dictionary definitions for the word despondency talk about a person bearing the state of low spirits, a lack of hope, a vacuum of courage, and a sense of dejection.
A Reminder from Hebrews 12
As I write this I am feeling quite despondent, yet not about what the typical reader might predict; the situation with our baby. I am being real in these matters of brokenness for the lack of hope, courage, and even faith that I am experiencing. What it is that is causing the distress is not so much the issue, it’s the fact that I’ve taken my eyes off the Lord Jesus Christ.
As I wrangle with the emotion churning within me, God offers a simple and effective alternative; to fix my eyes upon Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith.
When we consider that each moment we walk upon this earth we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses – those who have strode their own steps, valiantly and in despair and all between – we are inspired to keep going where these angels are urging us to stride that Ancient Path: the will of God.
Although we can know that despondency is no appropriate final destination in the will of God, sometimes it is part of the experience of adjusting emotionally and spiritually.
We must not stop in our despondency and get stuck there.
We have an opportunity in experiencing despondency to see it for what it is. God can only use despondency if it is impetus to learning; that which gets us back on to that Ancient Path.
Awareness is the key. Once we become aware all we then need is the humility to repent of our despondency, to take courage to take another step, and then one more, and so on.
It is the gospel way to be resurrected from these crucifixion experiences; even if we are, ourselves, the very ones hammering the nails.
Experiencing despondency is normal in life. Upon awareness we have the opportunity to overcome it. We need faith and courage, and the rekindling of hope. Think of that great cloud of witnesses whom watch us. We are urged on in the heavens, and we experience such encouragement spiritually when we are aware of it.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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