Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It’s Only A Day At A Time

This life requires the investment,
A daily commitment to reality,
A day at a time’s the way to contentment,
It’s the only way to achieve an essential morality.
What we are learning is the humility it takes,
To stay in God’s momentary will,
To quell the tension this life makes,
To acknowledge the wisdom in being still.
Nothing can be planned with utter certainty,
Nothing can be taken for sure,
Nothing is sure other than God and eternity,
Being still must be taken into our core.
We stand astride one another looking ahead,
Time is steadfast and true,
But tomorrow is yet to be said,
So we are best to live like the hours are few.
Only eight days since Sarah’s last amnioreduction – where over two litres were taken – we are back in hospital again – this time 2.25 litres have been taken (including some blood!). Whilst Sarah is in good spirits, and we have arrived at the conclusion that she needed relief within hours of calling the hospital, we sense, more than ever, that the pace of the baby’s growth is speeding up – as is the rate at which we are traversing this calamitous journey.
We are fine. God’s peace transcends our sorrow at this time, though we do ‘escape’ into the reality of what can only be imagined and hardly conceived. Our humour is alive and well, and we have indeed grown closer in this way.
As Sarah just could not sleep, we are now planning (with the nurses and doctor) how she might sleep tonight – in hospital. Losing over two litres in basically clear fluid in fifteen minutes is taxing for Sarah – we need to consider electrolyte replacement to build her blood pressure up faster.
A friend with a prophetic gift was led by the Holy Spirit to give us Matthew 6:25-34. We endeavour to live life only a day at a time, despite our human propensity to get ahead a week, a month, or a year.
One day at a time is all we should do. It’s the only way to live life presently and true.
Now, especially now, we are reminded that God is in control, that we are not, yet we can rely on Him who is holy and wholly good. That is our choice to remain in this day; to scour the moment; to live in the second.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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