Saturday, September 29, 2012

Who Is Worthy of Adoration Above God?

“Turn away from mortals,
who have only breath in their nostrils,
for of what account are they?”
—Isaiah 2:22 (NRSV)
What, inevitably, and more importantly, who, is the source of our trust?
Even more appropriately, who is worthy of our adoration more than God? This is an important question because it is characteristic of our humanity to devote ourselves to the things of humanity; we are, by nature, idolaters. We find sporting teams and stars, politicians, movie stars, rock musicians, artists, reality TV shows, famous pastors, our careers, our possessions, our families, our habits and addictions, and our achievements, etc, much more endearing than we find God alluring to our presence. This is because the world is in our face, yet God is the sole but silent Triune Actor in all creation.
Who is worthy of our adoration if God isn’t? Our sinful natures have turned upside down the right order of things. It is of value in our spiritual walk with the Lord to continue to come back to this truth. The more we are cognisant of being inherent idolaters, the more God’s light can shine in to furnish our minds and hearts afresh with living Spiritual abundance.
Honouring the Source of Life
Human beings neither have an independent right to live nor a sure stake in life. So why do we so implicitly trust and adore, and hold up as gods, those who will surely wither like a blade of grass just like we will?
Why do we place so much stock in a President? Why are we so devoted to a political party, a basketball team, or any other allegiance—beyond sense for well-rounded reasonability of view? Why do we pretend God is in control when we act as if he weren’t?
Yet, when we honour the Source of Life—the Lord, our God—we, at once, are blessed with better objectivity. We don’t swing so much with the tides of partiality. We are not taken as much by the vocal and endearing personalities, temperaments, and ideals that connect with ours.
When we honour the Source of Life, we get life in better perspective, and it is truth that wins the day. We are not so swayed by emotions. We are more courageous. And, we are freer.
Where would we be without God? Where would we be without our salvation? Our freedom has been bought for us at a heavy cost. Our devotion, therefore, should be ordered around allegiance to God, with everything else secondary.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.
General Reference: J. Alec Moyter, The Prophecy of Isaiah: An Introduction & Commentary (Downers Grove, Illinois: Inter-Varsity press, 1993), pp. 58-9.

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