Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hope’s Like a Rainbow

Hope is like a rainbow,
Full of colour, wonder and delight,
As soon as we commit to glow,
Our inner rainbow’s bright.
After the Rain, the Rainbow Comes as a Beacon of Hope
Hope is one of those things we take for granted while we have it, but when life turns pear-shaped, and our minds and hearts are encased in fear, we cherish it all the more.
Nothing seems more important than hope when we don’t have it. The depressed know this, and the anxious, too.
For these, there has been plenty of rain in the midst of the storms of life.
As the rainbow comes once the rain stops, our hope arrives the instant we bring a halt to the internal rain pelting our hearts. We pray. Hope arrives in the recognition that God is with us. We pray some more, thanking the Lord for Divine Presence.
Always afterwards our hope arrives. Having faith to have endured the journey, to hold on when all seemed awry, our hope is now realised. Hope is like a rainbow. It has come as a sure sign of God’s faithfulness to carry us through from lament to content.
Afterwards the colour returns to our lives. We enjoy more wonder than before. We have become bigger persons as a result of the difficulties we have endured.
And surely as the rain does stop, the rainbow comes out and reveals an ever present brightness that was always there. The rain always stops at some point. The troubles in our lives don’t continue forever. The dynamics of life do change. Sometimes we can make them change, but often we are wise to endure a season of rain in order to nourish our souls and transform us in perspective-blossoming maturity.
As rainbows are mirages of endless bands of light—something appearing enigmatic—our hope is also translucent and eternal. This is a good thing, because, even though hope like happiness can prove elusive, once we have it we know it is truly limitless.
Hope really does change everything.
And when hopelessness swarms, an idea even worse than helplessness, we gain even a skerrick of hope from the knowledge that hope is only potentially a moment away. As our thoughts prevail this way we can hold out for this hope.
Hope is worth waiting for, because there is no sense in not waiting for it.
All of life relies upon hope, and the fact that hope exists is enough to believe, even within hopelessness, that hope will ultimately prevail for us.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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