Saturday, September 1, 2012

4 Prayers for Life Today and Every Day

“Consider the things that seem too difficult in your life today—ask God for power... Consider the things that seem menial in your life today—ask God for perspective... Consider the opportunities to bring restoration in your sphere of influence—ask God for courage... Consider the alternatives to serving God—affirm your desire to serve Him above all other gods...”
—Kurt Bjorklund
Not many of us, perhaps, are as intuitive in our prayer life as we would like to be. But, in and about the challenges of life, prayer is a necessity—if we wish to stay on the straight path; the path of godly enlightenment; the path of prophetic revelation as it concerns our personal and interpersonal lives.
The above four considerations, and their commensurate requests of God, are truly sound prayers.
Seeking Power
We should only be seeking power in order that we would have the skill to discern and the energy to obey the will of God. Most other power is a perversion of the good created to do good.
The reality is most of our days are more difficult than we would like. Personal power to push through, therefore, is essential if we are to remain resilient in our tumultuous moments.
When we pray for power in our personal and interpersonal affairs we become mindful of trusting God when things are especially difficult.
Seeking Perspective
We can become weighed down by many things menial and lose sight of the sheer blessing it is to do humdrum work. This work is not difficult and it must be done. And, as Bryan Adams sang in his song, Summer of ’69, “There aint no use in complaining when there’s a job to do.”
We often don’t see our lives like this, but there are a million people (and more) who would swap their lives for ours in a heartbeat. We are more blessed in our menial lives than we realise.
Seeking Courage
Relationships are where the rubber hits the road so far as living performance is concerned. We need to be seeking courage so we can handle our encounters with people properly.
Opportunities will come to forgive and to receive forgiveness. It will take courage to do both of these well. And because relationships are seamless, we have dynamics like this ever present in our lives. Courage meets with wisdom to grasp the opportunities.
Seeking to Serve
We all worship. We all serve. But do we serve God or some other god? What god will we serve if not God? There are millions to choose from and we vacillate between the Real Thing and idols all through our lives. We must come back to our Source.
Our service is driven from our desire; what we desire we shall serve. It takes a deliberate choice, each and every day, to choose God over other gods.
A good day starts by praying for: 1) power to deal with difficulties, 2) perspective for dealing with the uninspiring, 3) courage to be graceful in our relationships, and 4) a desire to serve God and not other gods.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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