Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nobody Knows Me Better

“Even before a word is on my tongue,
O Lord, you know it completely.”
—Psalm 139:4 (NRSV)
Whenever we feel distant and detached from the Spirit of God, alone in lament, or just alone and unheard, one reflective reading of Psalm 139 should set us straight. It is a prescription to heal many wounds cast in fashions of loneliness. Nobody knows us better than the Lord who brought us, by his intricate design, into being.
Think for one moment about that fact: God designed us, me and you, just the way we are. And even though we may dislike parts of us, our Lord constructed us with perfect intention.
Let us look at the components of God’s inescapable knowledge about us.
God Knows Our Every Move
Although we keep secrets, God knows all too well what we are about. And despite our guilt and shame, God does not condemn us for our sin, instead offering up his own Son in our stead.
Our thoughts are known to God and, as our consciences testify, we are searched and tested. If we are alive to goodness in life we cannot escape God in our minds.
Our Eternal Guide never lets go of us, and, if we are given to listening for such guidance, we can discern this heavenly wisdom.
We are never too far from the Spirit of God, either geographically or spiritually. No matter how much or little we love God our proximity to this all-knowing and all-powerful Lord is never far at all. Whichever direction we are headed in, we turn around and God is there!
God Created Us, Each One, To His Unique Specification
There is surely nothing that makes us feel more special than knowing God’s matchless imprint has been spoken over our lives to the extent we are original.
When we take one inquisitive look at the human reproductive process we understand it’s a long series of miracles—every moment from conception through to delivery. Inside our mother’s womb we were nurtured by God by the biological design spoken into our beings. We were protected and we survived.
When we truly understand the intricacies of our personal existence, notwithstanding our biology, psychology and physiology, we begin to marvel at the wonder of God.
If God can create us, and a whole universe to support life, how complex and wondrous must God be? One look to a starry night and our awe is complete.
It’s a great comfort to know that nobody knows us better than God. We have been crafted from the Lord’s perfect blueprint. We have been made with great intention. And, what’s more, God knows us warts ‘n’ all and loves us just the way we are.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.
Graphic Credit: Universe Today.

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