Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When Time Calls for Us to Not Be Moved

The Natalie Grant song, I Will Not Be Moved, is not only a Christian chart-topper; it’s a resplendent image for our lives—for the times when we must take a stand, finding the courage to sweep all before us in the fresh light of a day of change—a time when the decision must be made to continue through, onward, and upward; resilient to the core!

We, it seems, have travelled this journey of hesitant, stumbling life for a reason. All our doubts, troubles, mistakes and denials—all of which we’ve both been scolded by but also learned from—are set there for a reason. It is now the time to put all of that behind us in an unsullied charge—an assault—on life and the hope of renewal through Christ our Lord.

As we take this stand, finally, with the wind of our Lord Jesus flourishing... pumping beneath us we find at last there was nothing to fear. Most of life’s temerity was a hoax after all.

Yet, at the same time, we have this—a most solemn call—placed upon our heads, and in our hearts. We’ve been anointed and specially released for that ‘higher calling,’ that calling we always wondered about. Flippancy would be beyond us now anyway. Our will is his now.

Finally, oh so finally, we now wear the chaos of life as a badge in allegiance to Christ, for he alone makes all things good. We recognise that as servant princes and princesses of the King of kings we have a royal call but serve as mighty slaves, honouring the One. And we receive the highest honour—his—ourselves.

For some of us, it is not until we’ve gone full circle that we even realise that was God’s sovereign plan for us in the very first place. He’s brought us through doubt, through our wanderings of disobedience, via Gehenna and the black holes of our time—all for the holy and higher calling that we have now received today, yes, this instant.

Called afresh out of the relative darkness into his redeeming light, we have been raised to the highest mount.

And from here, from this backdrop of brokenness—an ironic strength; we will not be moved!

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

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