Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To Live, Learn and Share – Simply For The Awed Thrill Of It

Kenneth Phillips said on his Facebook status, paraphrasing Musicians and Authors, “We teach what we need to learn! Do what is healing to your spirit and others will be healed in return.” I often ask myself if anyone ever reads my stuff or finds it useful; then God will often point out to me what he’s doing for me in the midst of it. It’s his therapy to me personally that I’m (alone) most thankful for.

And what is music and rhyme if not a symphony of God subliminally expressed through some human being who’s obedient enough to the rhythm to portray something meaningful to the utter profound?

And life’s a song when we see it from this angle. A melded sonata with varying quality wavelengths, and occasional pieces of brilliance—a thing to be lived, breathed, learned and shared. And when we live for such brightness our lives have reached that halcyon place of God.

We do it for free or not at all. We serve for the sheer weight of blessing that unfolds upon and over us. God is Spirit and he makes for us space to please him; and when we do, we are only then truly alive—“inspiration” would be such a secular word in comparison with this ‘feeling’ God gives.

We play for the Audience of One, and he alone gives us heavenly practice. It is he and me, he and you. That’s all there is, all there was, all that there will be. And we do well to remember this more and more, so our concertos (i.e. our lives and the way we live them) have glittering materialisation fitting of God.

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

Post Script: The essence of this has nothing whatsoever to do with perfection. Perfection is secular. In the Spiritual realm perfection is on the wrong scale.

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