Thursday, September 24, 2009

Psalm 23 – I Shall Not Be In Want

Life is irreconcilable at times. We cannot fathom it; it’s beyond us and our very small understanding. And we find ourselves either hopelessly frustrated or pensively resigned to it all. It’s the latter stance we can grow upon in the context of Psalm 23—the Shepherd Psalm.

We know that when we think and write upon such matters as these we are experiencing the coldness of life—a time when we need God; and he’s always there, wholly available for us to rest in.

Somehow, as we walk and endure the hellishness of life, we find an inexplicable comfort that God walks with us—his rod to protect and cajole, his staff to guide. We’re but little lambs in the context of a mysterious life of the universe of existence and being.

We know pain, sure, but we know a comfort that transmutes the pain bringing a calming order to the chaos. The seas of our souls billow and gently ebb before swallowing us whole.

And we find peace in all this, somehow. We go on, and so does life. As each second ticks by we find the unfolding mystery that is our life bringing us to a more complete picture, according to who God is.

He brings us serenity for we desire it—and he is good. He reveals his plans to us in little pieces so we can comprehend them, and also his glorious majesty.

The most breathtaking reality is that, in God, we shall not want. It may seem we need more, but he alone is all we need. He alone is all we have.

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

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