Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Go On Beyond, Truly – Dare To Dream

I live in a world of words and meaning. I think words and I dream words. I dream whole posts and articles and stories. When I’m obedient enough I wake and take them down, refine them later and post them. This I recently did not do to my chagrin! But as I did wake to visit the toilet I did remember the essence of something I want to let you know about.

I envisioned something wonderful, something God put in there. But now it’s gone, but for a time I hope.

The truth is it’s a large world we live in. Our thought worlds also are very large but we ourselves limit them with our own punyish plans. Don’t get me wrong. Most of our plans range on a scale from “okay” and “suitable” to, let’s say, “radical.” But our plans always seem to have a sameness about them in hindsight. That’s what concerned me.

We must be prepared to offer our grand plans to God, totally, in a way to seek better from him. And by “better” it’s not meant simply “improved,” but better on a strange scale over and above what we could conjure up in our beta-state mindfulness. I think this is why I got my vision in a dream. My brainwaves were attuned to receiving and not creating all my own like I’m doing right now.

We must be willing to skirt past the thing that looks attractive, going on beyond this for the real revelation; even if we place what is before us in fleeting moratorium.

So, I pray for those words to re-appear before me. I seek God’s face on the subject. And next time I pray to be obedient beyond sleep. I will hopefully not be so tardy.

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

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