Sunday, August 30, 2009

Taking a Good Look at Our Family

Funny as it seems we don’t do this very often—take the time to look, as God would, over our families. Picture for a moment driving home from a family occasion with a full complement of the immediate family onboard. The kids are in the back doing what they do and our spouse is at our side in the front passenger seat. No one’s aware that I, the driver, father and husband, is observing from the eternal workspace—the mindset of God... watching, surveying, seeing, admiring.

Times like these I’m not in such a hurry to get home. There’s a ‘sufficiency’ of God illuminating the view of life and I’ve learnt now to simply soak up these moments.

Everyone’s in their personal or collective element—there’s an absence of conflict—a wonderful harmony fills the moment. And it’s unhurried moments like these we feel specially blessed, doubly fortunate. We feel set apart from the ravages of the world.

For these are the eternal moments of our lives. In truth, all moments are found in the eternal yet we rob ourselves of more of these eternal moments than we ought.

There are reminders all about us of the very real need to cherish our families, yet we’ll often put off these urges, prioritising them lower than they should be.

The world of work and of responsibility is part of the problem, and that to a point is inescapable. There is also the world of our own selves which can just as easily cloud the real thing right there in front of us—our kids; our wife; our husband.

Each of these has their own soul and is a unique person, each with goals, dreams and aspirations—and each, in turn, loves me. That is an amazing concept.

Nothing more, bar God, comes close in the eternal realm. What we sow today we’ll reap tomorrow; ourselves and humankind.

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